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It does not matter if your automobile is new or old; there are many options to consider when insuring your car.

An insurance professional helps review the many options that are available. We want to make sure that the coverage options you choose are the best options for you.

How does one choose the difference between "liability only" and "full coverage?" What are the advantages and disadvantages of both?  What do liability and full coverage mean? How much liability should I get? Let our expertise guide you in choosing the right coverage that will best protect you.

We can help clarify the differences between:

  • Standard and Preferred Auto Insurance.

  • High Risk Auto Insurance.

  • Classic and High Valued Auto.

  • Recreational Vehicles/ATVs and RVs.

Discounts - We have plenty! Our auto insurance policies offer a wide variety of Discounts that help make our policies affordable, from bundled discounts, multi car discounts, safety devices to good driving discounts. A check up with your agent will help ensure you are maximizing all the discounts you are eligible to receive.

Homeowners Insurance is sometimes called Hazard Insurance.

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, and properly insuring your home to its correct value is important.

While it sounds simple, make sure you have enough coverage to rebuild your home, replace your personal belongings, and protect yourself. Our agency can help guide you in making sure you have the right coverages for your home insurance needs.

Do not rely on anyone other than a licensed insurance agent to help you determine how much and what coverage you need for your house.


If you have a lender, their requirements may not address all of your coverage needs. Consulting with an insurance professional is recommended when purchasing homeowners insurance to prevent gaps in coverage.

Do not wait until the time of a claim to find out if you are covered. All home policies have "Exclusions" and "Limitations."   A review with your agent will help acquaint you with what coverages and limits apply to your policy. Reviews are brief and can be done over the phone.

Valuables : Making sure that your valuables are properly covered is important to us. Properly insuring jewelry and other valuables under a separate Rider will ensure your valuables are properly protected. A quick over the phone review can help.

Flood Insurance is a coverage that is not part of your home insurance policy and must be purchased separately. We are able to provide you with a flood policy should you need one. Please see our Flood page for more details.

Discounts - Our home insurance policies offer a wide variety of discounts that make our policies affordable. Some discounts available are: bundle, new purchase, new home, prior insurance coverage, alarm, sprinkler system, renovation, etc.


Life Insurance - Protecting what's most important!

If you had a machine in your basement that made money, would you want to insure it? Sure you would! Have you considered that you are that money machine? 

Regardless of how much you earn, your family relies on you to provide for them. Life insurance is a way to make sure your family is still provided for should an untimely death occur, due to accident or illness.

It's a topic that many prefer not to talk about; but, reality tells us that tragic events do occur and not always to someone else.

Let us help you protect the things that matter the most to you.

We have plans to help protect you for final expenses, mortgage protection and other losses.

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