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Home Warranty

Don’t worry about your home’s systems and appliances, when you experience large repairs due to wear and tear, Tend takes over.

It’s the perfect complement to your homeowner’s insurance.

Only with Tend, can you select your own service provider and get more generous coverage on covered repairs at a lower price than other home warranty companies.

Now, it’s easy to cover inevitable – but always unexpected – breakdowns and failures due to wear, tear, and age.

How Tend Works:

  1. If a covered item breaks, call the service provider of your choice.
  2. Get it fixed and send us all the paperwork.
  3. We will reimburse all covered repairs and replacements up to our limits less the $500 claims fee.

(A 30-days wait to file claims applies unless enrollment is due to a real estate transaction.)

$31.99/month or $375/year (with $500 deductible)
$38.99/month or $450/year (with $250 deductible)

Coverage details:
Annual limits
Up to $15000 total.
Up to $5000 HVAC.^
Up to  $5000 on appliances.
Up to $2500 on plumbing.
Up to $2500 on electrical.
Up to $2500 on other home items.
Up to $1000 to access pipes and restore to rough finish.
No exclusions on make, model, or age of equipment.
Any home no matter size, age, or condition.
No limit on number of claims.
Select your own provider.
Your choice of $500 or $250 deductible per claim.

^If HVAC is 15 years or older at time of claim, limit is $2500.

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Customer Reviews

5 stars all the way!

Mario J

We've been clients for 20+ years.

Jennifer M

Great customer service and very responsive!

Karan H

I've been a client for years with Halkos agency...

Diane W

I’m never disappointed at the outcome when I speak to anyone from the agency.

Jeanette H