Renters insurance is also called Tenants insurance and  is  designed to provide protection for your belongings that are damaged due to a covered peril.

Don't fall into the trap in thinking your landlord will pay for your belongings  lost in a fire. Getting coverage for your belongings is yours the tenants' responsibility.

Talk to a licenced insurance agent about how many different ways a renters insurance policy protects you.

  • Take the 1 minute Renters Quiz

    Do you know the full extent of your current insurance coverage? Test your knowledge! Take a minute to answer this simple 7 question  quiz! Then tell us how you did!


    1. My neighbors fire caused smoke damage to my unit, the

    landlord will provide another unit?  True/False


    2. I have my property in the storage area,

    the landlord is responsible if stolen?  True/False


    3. A pipe burst in the apartment upstairs and water damaged

    my contents. The landlord pays. True/False


    4. Someone breaks into my home and steals my TV and

    stereo. I will be reimbursed by the landlord? True/False


    5. While I am shopping, I leave packages in my car – they

    are covered by my auto policy if my auto is broken into? True/False


    6. A renters policy that would cover all of the above losses can

    be purchased for approximately $13.50 a month? True/False


    7. If I'm sick or injured in an accident and can't work the rent

    and utilities will not become due until I return to work? True/False


     All are false except 6