In thinking about whether getting a flood policy is right for you, consider that:

*All property is in a flood zone, regardless of whether an area has been defined as high risk or low risk.

*Nearly 25% of all flood claims are for properties located in lower- risk flood areas or locations where flooding is not expected.

*Floods can happen anywhere, any time.

*Changing weather patterns, as well as expanded development, may increase your chance of experiencing a flood.

*Flooding can occur as a result of clogged, overloaded, or inadequate storm drains. You don't have to live near a body of water to be flooded.

*Homeowners policies exclude loss by flooding.


Do I really need flood insurance?

A common misconception is that flood insurance is not needed because "I'm not in a flood zone." The reality is, most of us are susceptible to some type of flood.

Lenders may require you to get flood insurance if you are in a high hazard area. Just because your lender doesn't require you to have flood insurance, does not mean you don't need it.

Discuss with your agent whether a flood policy is right for you.